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Alphabetical, Blacklist, Label

Post by maxlimitz » Sun Aug 08, 2010 2:02 pm

I have three requests:

(1) Ability to organize the searches in alphabetical order. I have dozens of searches and I don't want to remove any of them. But I do want to know look at the keywords of my searches to help me invent new keywords to try.

(2) Blacklist certain file types. I have Mac Pro, so I would like to be able to hide for example .exe and .avi files, because I can't open them and it takes a lot of time to open many many folders to find out that there is nothing in there to download. For some reason I can only open .wmv files and little .mpg when we are talking about video files, so I want them hidden. Also, I'm not looking for music files (.mp3, .ogg), because I don't listen to music, except very occasionally using internet radios for jazz.

(3) I would like to label or mark the packages I have already opened. I like to leave good packages on my computer for others to download, but because I download hundreds of packages with similar names I can't remember which ones I have already opened. So I would like to mark opened packages for example with green color, bad packages with red and "open later" packages with yellow color.

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